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Welcome to our hemp online store. Aaaah, your endocannabinoid system awaits…

Our online hemp store is here to share our methods, vibes, and products with you!

We offer grown to order clones, pre-rolls, and flower. Shop our boutique hemp flower grown in Southern Oregon.

Our cultivars are from Colorado, giving us genetics prone to a colder climate, able to thrive in our beautiful weather and living soil. We want you to know how and where your flower is grown. We strongly believe that these flowers can grow wonderfully with a little help from our farmer.



Our buds are grown with care, lightly machine-trimmed, and terpene-rich flowers. Match your batch number to your product label and learn how to read the COA’s here.


5 Hemp CBD Preroll Pack

Hemp CBD  pre-roll 1 gram cones come in a hemp plastic tube. Our pre-rolls are convenient, affordable and enjoyable.  Contact Us, say hello and be in on the buzz.


Solventless Hemp CBD Dabs are coming soon! Shop our flower, pre-rolls and other products. Our menu will grow as we do.

Located in Southern Oregon, in a GMO banned area, our land is the foundation to cultivate to the fullest, healthiest potential. Our seeds and clones are carefully chosen, below the federal limit of 0.3% for THC. Check out our products below, and learn more about our land and methods!

Make Sample Store your choice when ordering your smokable hemp flower, use it for your own recipe, order our convenient pre-rolls and stay tuned for our Hemp CBD dabs! With the passing of the Farm Bill, hemp has made leaves and buds! Our mission is to harvest high above the standards by using natures’ methodologies and spread the love of nature.

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Hemp Online Store
Hemp Online Store

We are borrowing mother earth, we appreciate her and are mindful of our footprint.

This pristine environment is how nature envisioned plants growing; chemical and GMO-free soil, water that is sparkling and clean pure Oregon air throughout the gorgeous landscape. We are conscious of the responsibility that we have to maintain this gift of nature and our commitment to the land includes practices such as compost teas which are methods of maintaining the ecosystem around our beautiful plants.

Hemp Online Store

With new products in the pipeline, we ensure that we only produce and use the cleanest methods most favorable to mother Earth and to you. As you experience the ways to safely ingest CBD, be sure to research the source and review the lab findings first. After all, this is for you! Bee Healthy, Bee Hempy, and Just Bee.