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GMO Ban in Southern Oregon

GMO Ban No Spray Southern Oregon Hemp

Genetically modified organisms make up a vast majority of what we consume every day.

The people of Southern Oregon have been working hard to making sure there are restrictions set in place when it comes to genetically modified organisms. Regulations are believed to be “what we need to protect ourselves.” stated by Elise Higley, a fruit and vegetable farmer in Oregon, and “it’s infuriating that we aren’t getting the help we need.”

There has been a controversy over how these organisms affect us. The small-scale farmers and those who grow organic crops are worried that these genetically altered crops will contaminate theirs through cross-pollination. If this happens, it can significantly decrease the value of the farmers’ organically grown crops.

This non-GMO project is carefully working towards setting regulations and a standard protocol for verifying plants as non-GMO. A local group of petitioners has collected more than 6,500 in hopes to put a stop to these genetically modified crops. This idea of having a GMO-Free zone started in Jackson County and has expanded to the Rogue Valley. Now that these measures have been passed, to ban genetically modified plants in the Valley, all must go. Farmers growing GMOs have one year to destroy their crops, thus giving them the time to get through their last harvest season.

After the win was announced, Allen Hallmark of Talent, Oregon, has stated that – “I couldn’t be more pleased and thrilled by the outcomes of this election. It was a real victory for the grassroots organization of small farmers and their allies called Our Family Farms Coalition. People of all ages from throughout the county pulled together to win despite the big money that Monsanto and Syngenta poured into the effort to defeat the measure. Our TV stations got rich by running all the opposition’s ads, but our voters could not be bought off.”


Humble Bee Gardens, Inc. found this to be a major factor in our desired location. We are aligned with the same values as the people.

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