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Uses for Kief

Uses for Hemp Kief

Uses for kief:

Kief 101

Do you know what kief is? Once your plant is mature, ready to be harvested, there will be trichomes forming on both the buds and the leaves. Trichomes are tiny crystalized hair-like glands that produce a sticky resin in which will cover your marijuana plants and appear as a blanket of frost. These carry the best aromas and are flushed with cannabinoids and terpenes. When the trichomes dry up, they produce an immensely potent substance most commonly known as kief. When collecting kief, the less plant matter, the better! If your kief has a more green color to it contains plant matter. What you will want to see is a more than or blonde color. What this means is, more pure and potent. Most of us already know what kief is; however, not many people know all of the great benefits of it and the wide variety of recreational uses it has. Most commonly people use kief for; making moonrocks or cannabutter, creating hash or adding it to your bowl or joint. But there is more! – you can even press rosin or try mixing it into your favorite hot beverage like a cup of coffee or tea.



Moonrocks are great! If you have never tried smoking/making them you are missing out. The process for making moonrocks is reasonably straightforward; first, you take a marijuana oil and heat it, then, you coat the buds in this oil, and while they are still warm you will roll the buds in kief. You will want to let these harden a little before you use them. When the time comes to sprinkle these extremely potent buds in your bowl – do not put use a grinder because it will grind them to finely and you will be a sticky mess.

Cannabutter is another great way to use kief – this is because when you cook with it, compared to the flower itself, it is more flavorful and allows you to preserve the original taste of the recipe that you are adding it to. When cooking, you will want to decarboxylate it first. decarbing is a process in which a chemical reaction takes place and works to remove a carboxyl group and releases carbon dioxide. This process is vital to ensure you are correctly infusing it into your butter. You can do this by placing your kief in an oven-safe dish, at 220-240 degrees Fahrenheit, bake it for approximately 20 minutes. After you have done this, you can add it to some ground herb and mix it with butter.



You can quickly turn your kief into hash! One of the first steps to make your mixture is extracting kief from your cannabis plants. Making hash is a great way to preserve your resin long after you have harvested your cannabis plants. There are a few benefits of smoking hash versus flower, for instance; dosage, potency, and the consumption methods. When it comes to dosage, there is an outstanding amount of inconsistency due to a large variety of products and variations between each plant, crop, and even the breeder. There is no reliable method of measuring your cannabinoid intake. Hash products can offer two to three times the levels of THC or CBD levels than that of which raw bud can. You can know the exact amount of cannabinoids actively present in hash products, and you are easily able to measure and portion out smaller servings with reliable, consistent outcomes.



To add to the effects of the raw flower, you can sprinkle some kief on your bowl or joint. Doing this will most certainly increase the potency of each hit. When you add kief to your bud, it will burn slower and taste even better. When rolling it into a joint, it will add to the flower stickiness and help you pack it correctly for a great hit and a slow burn.



First of all, what is rosin? Rosin is popular since it is a solventless extraction process. How this works is a combination of both heat and pressure. What you are doing is squeezing the resin out of your material. You can use this method of creating rosin with a bud, or you can transform your hash and kief into a full melt hash oil. If this extraction method is done right, rosin can be better than other products that undergo a solvent-based process when it comes to flavor, yield, and potency. When making rosin, you should have a result of a sappy translucent or even shatter-like product. Making rosin is a pure and straightforward form of creating a highly potent cannabis concentrate.



Some of you have heard of making tea from your plant’s stems, well you can sprinkle some kief into your favorite warm drink. When adding it to boiling water, unlike when cooking with kief, you do not have to put it in the oven first. The boiling water will do the decarbing process, so adding it to your morning cup of joe will activate those cannabinoids. It does not take much kief to make a potent cannabis-infused drink, but the amount used is up to you. The effect of using kief in this way is much like eating edibles. You will feel a long-lasting, full-bodied effect shortly after ingested.



Kief is a great way of refining flower to create a potent low-cost product that can last months or even years. The effects of using kief are much like concentrates. All you need to make some is a three-chamber grinder and your favorite strain. Once you have some on hand – it is up to you to try one, or more, of the numerous ways you can enjoy kief and its effects. So, if you still have yet to give kief a try I highly recommend you do – you will be happy!

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