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About Us, Humble Bee Gardens Hemp farm in Southern Oregon. Abacus, C4, Otto II, Cherry, Berry Blossom, CBD, CBG Hemp

About Our Hemp Farm – Humble Bee Gardens, Inc.

How We Started Our Hemp Gardens

Humble Bee Gardens, Inc. came to life in 2018 with a mission to cultivate high quality, naturally grown hemp flower.

It all started with a meeting in a restaurant in San Francisco. Three individuals met with a passion to increase good health to people and contribute to the planet. The vibration of the meeting positively flowed, getting to know each other was exciting and while sharing a bit of our background it seemed clear to take the next steps. The experience of a 5-hour session invited the expansion of this journey.

Why where and how your hemp grows, matters to us.

Looking far and wide, we came across a beautiful opportunity to acquire what was a bison ranch for the last 17 years.

We located in an area that enforces an active GMO ban. Our practices such as integrated pest management are methods maintaining the ecosystem. No chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides had been applied to the soil for a minimum of three years before 2005. We knew our land would be the foundation to cultivate to the fullest, healthiest potential.

About Us Hemp Roots

About Humble Bee Gardens – Lets layout our cultivation practices

Our hive has been building since that day we had an unforgettable meeting.

As we are in our first year, we couldn’t be more impressed by our team, vibes and thriving fields. Today, our hemp plants sit in amazing soil, water that is sparkling and the air that purified throughout the gorgeous landscape. Our practices such as compost teas are methods maintaining the ecosystem around our beautiful plants. We are mindful of our footprint, focused on our vision and values that ensure a fresh, trusted product. Below you can see the methodology we brought to this land and will continue to practice so the health and growth of our crops stay consistent and healthy.

Our practices include bioremediation, bio composting, bioleaching, and bio fertilization.

Change the game in your garden’s health. 30 Billion microbes go a long way!

Hyper Galaxy Microbials are used in our teas. Microbials #hypergalaxymicrobes Diluted 9:1 with freshwater these microbes introduced into your garden are bacterial, to assist fungal growth. Hyper Galaxy, replaces Azos or any other beneficial microbe by millions in equal doses. For organic use. What few were Actinovate now has become for sure the best living microbial for organic farming we’ve seen yet. Keep the live critters in its concentrated form in the fridge about 42 degrees. 4 tablespoons feed 10 acres over 300 million living beings per gallon when mixed w tea or water. To purchase this product contact Holmes Enviro, LLC, Inoculate Crop Soil Health, 2876 SW West Hills Road, Philomath, OR 97370, call 541-760-1161 or email holmesenviro@comcast.net. They can help you find a retailer, we purchased ours from Redwood Nursery.

Are you catching the vibe we are putting out? We use nature as it was intended to assist our hemp plants to thrive.

Our use of microorganisms consumes or breaks down environmental pollutants and also aerates the soil for the roots to find a clear path to the stability and natural nutrients they use to grow. The importance of composting can never be exaggerated. When we take the time and play in the dirt, mother nature gives us a return you just can’t buy. Sure, you can buy soil, but with this pristine land, we know we can generate indigenous soil gold.

Maybe you get the hint that we love the ground we live on. We trust companion plants to be present in our hemp gardens. Bioleaching drastically reduces the number of greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere and extract metals. Companion plants are a major plus to redirect nature’s leaf munchers away from our hemp plants while prepping the soil for our following season. Cover crops enrich our soil, bring in pollinators and invites predatory life to come in and munch on the unwanted bugs that do find their way to our plants.

cover crops, bio composting, bio remediation, predatory mites, ladybugs, bio leaching.

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Nerds at heart, we will do our very best to share all we can about our cultivation practices, scientific research and education to benefit our farmer friends. Read our blog, contribute to the conversation and take a look at our gallery page to see our progress!

Our cultivars are from Colorado, a pioneer state in the industry of hemp.

Like the busy bee’s we are searching for the sweetest flower, flowers that smell like some skunky, cheesy goodness. We can’t wait to share what is coming soon! Our seeds and clones are carefully chosen, providing you a natural product for the future. This prime location allows us to grow boutique, healthy hemp!

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