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Hemp Farm Methods – Welcome to the Humble Bee Gardens Blog!

Humble Bee Gardens uses natural growing methodologies as mother nature intended.

Our blog touches on multiple topics pertaining to hemp. In this first year of farming, we are excited to write about topics such as cultivation, natural methodologies, latest news on hemp, uses of hemp and watching our blog grow.

Side Effects CBD
Side effects of CBD usually begin to appear within thirty minutes to an hour after consumption. These side effects include
Hemp Blog
The legality of Cannabis derives from country to country. Cannabis laws around the world vary in the areas of possession,
There is a lot of talk about CBD in the media lately. Here are some celebrities that enjoy it as
Hemp Tips and Resources Hemp Insect Factsheets
Colorado State University has a fact sheet to refer to when it comes to insects living in your crop. Naming
GMO Ban No Spray Southern Oregon Hemp
Genetically modified organisms make up a vast majority of what we consume every day. The people of Southern Oregon have
Good vibes, healthy clones! Please take a look at the deets below, let us dot the i’s and cross the
Uses for Hemp Kief
Uses for kief: Kief 101 Do you know what kief is? Once your plant is mature, ready to be harvested,
Farm Bill
2018 Farm Bill Every five years, Congress passes legislation that sets national agriculture, nutrition, conservation, and forestry policy, commonly referred is a great resource to learn.

Articles published on are very informative. The CBD 101 section starts with the fundamentals. Check out their news, science, usage, how to’s, education and more.

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