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Our popular industrial hemp product is Abacus, if there isn’t any in your cart, add some to see what it’s all about! One of our check out questions asks if we can remind you to leave a review, oh please check the yes button! Life can be full of tasks as is, let us remind you to drop some testimonials for others to read about your experience with Humble Bee Gardens industrial hemp products!

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Mark your calendars for what’s to come from our greenhouses! Early February we will have some indoor that will glisten and wow you! Dabs from our Sunkissed Flora are in the works! Interested in pre-ordering? Add that comment to your cart and we will follow up with you when they are in!

Interested in CBD oil? After you check out at the Humble Bee Gardens register, hop on over to CBDPure, with the link below.

Looking to grow industrial hemp? Contact us for clones, they are too delicate for a shopping cart! Please take a look at the deets below, let’s cross the t’s and dot the i’s.

For Clone Purchase: Contact us to verify the cultivar and date desired. All clones are grown to order. Please review our clone purchase agreement, as we do not ship clones, requirements must be agreed upon. We look forward to providing you healthy clones with great growth potential. Clone Purchase Agreement Please download and attach the completed Clone Agreement to your order at check out.