Reddit Review: Abacus and Otto II

Reddit Review

Reddit Review by Lincoln19560

Reddit Review Abacus and Otto II

“This is the second time I’ve tried Abacus flower and dig the strain. This is a well grown and cured batch from a vendor that is new to me but has left me with big impression: humble bee gardens.

Shipped out the day after I ordered, tracking provided. Packed with LEO papers but no lab sheets. There are scannable codes on product label to pull up labs. Smell proof packaging. Opening smell was of lemons, lavender, and other floral aroma. Squeeze of the buds released a pungent gas and more lemon smell, not best on smell description. Lots of trichomes, flowers have purple hue from the purple urkle parent. Vaped dry in dynavap M, flavor is unique, reminds me of good dank weed, slightly harsh on back of throat but exhale was of lemon candy and lavender.

The cure on these flowers is the best I have seen from 2019 harvests. Terps are really nice. Feel relaxed after a few puffs but ready to engage in a little Call of Duty. Eyes slightly affected but not a sleep strain imo.”